Airport Express Plugin for Travelport Smartpoint

The development of the Airport Express plugin was not only about engaging multiple stakeholders to effectively deliver a solution but also about solving a global business problem.

Travelport Marketplace's technical capabilities, a strong developer relationship and clear understanding of both supplier and agency requirements meant that all parties could exceed customer expectations. 

This solution is evolutionary not only in the approach taken to create it but also in how Travelport used existing technology to offer a full end-to-end solution to travel agencies and airport express providers.

Travelport Marketplace’s capabilities have enabled the desire from all parties involved to sell a joint product and give customers and travel agents a new, seamless experience.  Not only is the solution hailed as being highly exciting for business travellers wanting a full service experience from their respective travel company, it also provides a solution to the needs of the leisure traveller and enables Travelport connected travel agents to offer airport express content at the point of sale, no matter where they are located.