Heathrow Express

Between October and December 2014 Heathrow Express (HEx) ran its ‘Back to work’ campaign, following a summer period dogged by industrial action, engineering disruption and inclement foreign exchange movement.

The short-term aim was to boost online advanced-purchase ticket sales to existing HEx customers with targeted price reductions, and to increase product awareness in our two largest non-UK markets - the USA and Germany. The longer-term aim was to introduce new customers to HEx, including in the leisure market.

HEx used eye-catching ‘HEx v taxi’ price comparisons in its outdoor and digital marketing, supported by social media and PR, to promote a limited quota of cut-price tickets a day. For customers buying tickets online seven days in advance, a single journey cost £15 (down from £21) and £29 for a return (£34).

Over the three-month period 11,392 - 217 people a day on average - took up the offer, bringing in £138,240 of revenue. Of these customers, 60% were new to HEx. By attracting new customers, many of whom were holidaymakers rather than on business, ‘Back to work’ secured a foothold on which we can build in the leisure market. This bodes well for the long term. In addition to their press advertising, HEx secured brand-enhancing news coverage in the Times and Mail on Sunday.