Since its formation 16 years ago Flytoget has been a successful company. Their most significant competition has come from private cars, buses and taxis. There has always been an alternative train service, but this suffered from low regularity and punctuality as well as old rolling stock. This situation has changed considerably with the launch of a new and, to many people, equally good alternative train service to Oslo Airport.

NSB has introduced new rolling stock and new train services, and they have been able to deliver a high punctuality rate. Given the large number of product advantages which have now been matched, it is essential that Flytoget is able to introduce differentiation with respect to other parameters and product benefits.

Throughout its 16-year history Flytoget has been known for its good service, availability and high rate of customer satisfaction. Thier unique service culture is difficult to emulate. In the new competitive situation this has become an even more important area of concentration with respect to maintenance as well as further development. People have an inherent need to be noticed. This is an important realisation, which may offer Flytoget the opportunity to run an equally successful operation in the future.