Flytoget is keen to ensure that the company’s work on sustainability and social responsibility meets the expectations of the stakeholder, and their on-going efforts to poll customers and staff facilitates a more open-hearted and to-the-point dialogue. Transparency and good, targeted dialogue with the company’s stakeholders ensure that Flytoget receives the right feedback, enjoys the possibility of continual improvement and is able to build trust and a good reputation. A holistic communication plan for sustainability and social responsibility will be completed in the spring of 2015.

A report by the young environmental agents, as well as Flytoget’s Sustainability Report for 2014 will soon be presented in-house and to interested external parties. In addition, particular care has been taken to ensure that the above initiatives have been given proper attention in internal company arenas such as our intranet, bulletin boards and staff meetings.

Success brings great responsibility, but also many opportunities! Flytoget accepts their corporate responsibility and can see that this generates long-term added value for the benefit of the company as well as the society of which Flytoget are a part. “Give and Grow” is their motto!