Marketing Campaign of the Year 2018

Stansted Express - Fast-Forward Your Escape

Marketing STEX

Stansted Express has grown market share despite increased competition and numerous operational challenges, with 30.57% of airport passengers choosing rail transport – also the highest market share it has ever achieved.

The rail operator has taken measures to understand the changing needs and requirements of their customer set and developed a campaign to ensure they’re helping them to experience a better journey. This included the introduction of a campaign that leveraged some of the unique advantages that train travel offers to place Stansted Express in a distinct position and distinguish itself from the competition, with a focus on their core USPs and offer fares.

By delivering a campaign which demonstrated great value for money and a quick and seamless customer experience Stansted Express has ultimately improved overall business performance.

Sydney Airport Link - Connectivity

Marketing Airport Link

Airport Link Company’s (ALC) marketing philosophy is to adopt a clear and concise approach. ALC continues to adopt a marketing campaign which clearly portrays the connectivity of the Sydney Airport Rail Link and its ease towards using the rail link for its customers.
This campaign used a creative, which informed the passenger where the Airport Link train could take them without the hesitation of looking for additional answers. The concept of understanding this form of travel to or from Sydney Airport – into the Central Business District is working. Proof is the ongoing growth in passenger volumes – an additional increase of 944,860 in 12 months.

This has positioned the Sydney Airport Rail Link with a 22% mode share of all passenger traffic travelling to or from Sydney Airport.

Flytoget - Lighter

Marketing Flytoget

Faced with the fiercest competition in its 20-year history, Flytoget Airport Express Train had to redefine its approach to the marketing communication to be relevant and powerful in the battle of winning the customers. The answer was hidden in the brand DNA, the very reason for its success in the first place.

There was a strong temptation to dramatically reduce the fares when their main competitor, NSB, in 2014 quickly took market shares by doubling their frequency of services and offering this at almost half the price of Flytoget tickets. In response, Flytoget decided to stay true to the premium and high-quality service. They sustained their focus to bring the brand DNA, “efficient tranquillity”, to life through a differentiated creative campaign.

This resulted in the “lighter” campaign, which in a visually unique and powerful way took ownership of the stress-free, lighter feeling that comes with travelling with Flytoget. Strong creatives, combined with a smart multi-channel strategy and segmentation based on data to target “prone to travel soon” individuals, resulted in one of Flytoget’s most successful marketing campaigns, reaching all time high communication targets as well as achieving record passenger numbers.

Express Rail Link - KL TravelPass

Marketing ERL Travel

Express Rail Link (ERL) executed a campaign to promote the KL TravelPass to inbound tourists travelling to Kuala Lumpur. Objective was to increase sales through greater awareness of the enhanced product. It covered four key areas:

  • Online content for better search results. A high profile re-launch event, plus an organised blogger/influencer engagement ensured that content on the product was available online.
  • Advertised to specific target markets and profiles through Google and Facebook ads to support the online search, as well as offline advertising in inflight magazines.
  • Placed Promoters at the airport to greet arriving passengers.
  • Worked with strategic partners to ensure that the awareness reached further:

The awareness covered the passenger’s entire journey, from trip planning stage to the passenger’s travels in Kuala Lumpur. The success of this campaign is the 163% growth in ERL’s average daily sales revenue, from October 2017 to October 2018.

Brisbane’s Airtrain – Airtrain and Tram

Marketing Brisbane Airtrain

Brisbane’s Airtrain has developed an integrated “three pillar” marketing strategy that has been highly successful in achieving growth in an extremely competitive operating environment. Airtrain has been buffeted by a “1 in 100 year” construction investment in road infrastructure to access Brisbane Airport, the legalisation of Uber, and Brisbane Airport’s aggressive car park strategy.

Airtrain developed an integrated marketing strategy grounded in market research that differentiated Airtrain’s customer profiles and geographic locations. The three pillars used by Airtrain are:

  • A hyper-targeted digital marketing strategy
  • An enhanced airport presence
  • Geographically targeted mass media in greater Brisbane and the Gold Coast 

These same three pillar principles were applied to launching the “Airtrain and Tram” to Surfers Paradise which has now positioned Airtrain as the preferred transport option between Brisbane Airport and the Gold Coast.

MTR Corporation Limited – Reconnect the Young Traveller

Marketing MTR

While celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Airport Express Line, a large-scale campaign was planned to reconnect the young travel segment which perceived the brand as "luxury" and "remote". A music video with renowned rapper MC Jin was produced to promote the services in an energetic presentation while two promotion offers were also launched to stimulate enrolment to MTR Club and log-in to MTR Mobile. The results were satisfactory with the percentage of young passengers increased and the new number of MTR Club members and login to MTR Mobile growing significantly in short period of time.

Express Rail Link – Back to Hometown

Marketing ERL baggage

Express Rail Link (ERL) executed a digital marketing campaign to promote the Balik Kampung (Back to Hometown) campaign. The main goal of the campaign is to raise the visibility of the company and increase the ridership. The marketing actions were also used to improve the company’s market positioning and revenue.

The festive season usually proves to be a low season for the company and in order to minimise the impact of seasonal trends, this campaign aims to capture leisure travellers who are travelling back to their hometown during the festive season. This campaign also targets the domestic market that is generally price sensitive.

With the help of the social media and digital marketing, ERL succeeded in creating awareness among the price sensitive market. This campaign ran across all digital platforms (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and KLIA Ekspres mobile App).

As a result, there was an increase in website activity and in revenue when compared to the same time last year. From the post mortem reports, it was noticeable that most of the results were achieved through Facebook Ads and Electronic Direct Mail.

Heathrow Express - Always On

Marketing HEX

Heathrow Express used a dynamic approach through Always On marketing which allowed tailored and responsive content to be shared with relevant passengers at the right time. Using live open-source data and integrating internal service notification systems, the campaign was able to react to real-time information and display appropriate messages making it feel immediately relevant. This also ensured customers considering using a competing service for travelling to Heathrow were frequently served relevant messaging in the right place boosting the chances of them choosing Heathrow Express. Surveys conducted by Ipsos show a 2% increase in both Spontaneous Brand Awareness and Consideration in Quarter 1 of 2018 remaining above 2017 scores in Quarter 2. Results also show HEx over indexing on the desirability measures of “Arrives on time” and “Quickest way” which were key messages within this campaign.

A strong history in marketing innovation gave Heathrow Express the confidence to try this new approach which has proved successful in amplifying its messaging to grow awareness in target audiences.