Introduction to GARA

The Global AirRail Alliance (GARA) is for people to share ideas and best practices on how to connect air with rail.  We work with airports, airlines and rail operators to collect information about their passenger behaviour, business trends and solutions that can improve the customer experience.

We collaborate with national and international companies that plan, build and operate air-rail links and air-rail partnerships.  We discuss policy guidelines and recommendations for greater air and rail integration.


GARAbase is a comprehensive and ever growing database about the global air-rail market. We started building the GARAbase from collecting mode share information on passenger and staff travel to and from world airports. With the help of our GARA Community we are extending the database to include information about:

  • pricing and access fees,
  • public private partnerships and funding,
  • customer and staff satisfaction,
  • best practices and marketing activities.

GARAbase is accessible to our Members.


Airrail NEWS is the online publication to air-rail market news. It includes proposed, planned and operational air-rail links, airline & railway partnerships, air-rail distribution, passenger information and more.

Airrail NEWS is accessible to any visitor.


GARA runs annual national and international events. We hold an annual UK AirRail conference taking place every November in UK and the Global AirRail conference: taking place every May in a different city around the world.
Anyone can register to attend GARA conferences.

GARA workshops are available for Members.


The Global AirRail Awards is an annual programme, built to recognise the effort, best practices and results of the global air-rail community. Our feedback says it is prestigious. Our judges are professionals in the air and rail industries. They evaluate entries from all around the world in number of categories and elect the winners with the highest scores in service to customers, business results, innovation, communication, cooperation and other selected criteria. The winners are then named in dinner and ceremony, taking place during the Global AirRail Conference.

Any company, organisation or person can enter the Global AirRail Awards.


The Global AirRail Community is a designated area on GARA Platform for Members to connect, share ideas, discuss projects and collaborate in groups.
Here Members of GARA can plan their attendance at air-rail events, enter the awards, download presentations from previous events, read case studies from previous winners, create groups and invite other members to join them, access and contribute to GARAbase.

Join the Global AirRail Alliance and become part of our Community!