Judges 2016

Barbara Jensen, SEM Communication and Marketing, Gautrain Management Agency

Chris Basche, CEO, Brisbane’s Airtrain

Dan Poremba, Self-employed (Formerly Denver International Airport)

Denis Grenier, Vice-President Business Development, ACP Marketing and AccesRail, a subsidiary company

Dick Dunmore, Associate, Steer Davies Gleave

Eleni Jordan, Head of Sales Channels, Abellio Greater Anglia

Henry Coles, Manager Airline Distribution Standards, IATA

Jeremy De Rose, Commercial Director, Transport Investigations Ltd.

Liam Henderson, Rail Planner & Director, Transporting Cities

Rob Naybour, Founding Partner, WestonWilliamson+Partners

Ron Hiscox, Airport Process Design (APD) Ltd.

Tim Anderson, Chief Executive, Airport Link Company Sydney

Fraser Brown, Director Business Lead, Heathrow Express

Richard Higgins, Head of surface access strategy, Gatwick Airport 

Léa Bodassian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference

Lena Angela Nesteby, Chief Brand Manager, Flytoget

Kathy Haley, Former President, Union Pearson Express

Richard Brown, Managing Director, North Star Consultancy

Diane Burke, Strategic Business Consultant, Glassford Consulting Limited

David Classey, Director Planning and Programmes, Travelport

John Morris, Director, CTDOO

Philip Martin, Managing Partner, DMA Partners




Heathrow Express - Comparison Generator

Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe and the 3rd busiest in the world landing 74 million passengers in 2014 alone. Heathrow Express challenged DOOH.com to inform customers with contextually relevant information, to a multi-lingual audience, to prove that choosing the rail network is cheaper, faster and more reliable with the varying conditions of using the road network for your onward journey into central London.

What Heathrow passengers saw as another information screen, on every baggage carrousel, was a carefully orchestrated and complex word first in advertising.

The key challenge was to prove 'continually' that HEX was faster, cheaper and more reliable than a Black Taxi, when these data sets are in constant flux. By harnessing 6 different sources of real-time data into one place we targeted this important decision making moment. The worlds first live onward travel information screen, with multi-lingual information, greeted those arriving from 84 countries with a product specific solution. Crossing the boundary from Advert to a deeper sense of trust with information based advertising.

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Travelport logo s hr 300Hahn Air

Travelport and Hahn Air

Travelport has a subscriber MyTraining service built into our ASK Travelport online support tool.

Within the MyTraining programme Travelport has introduced training stories. This has been proven to be more effective than traditional Listen and Learn and is more effective in online training.

Hahn Air has made the demo check-in application available on the Hahn Air website, so that travel agents can access it at any time for training or simulation purposes.

The solution is fully open to use by any airline, Travelport or agent to support Sales and Marketing, training, webex and by nature of its simplicity enables the user to experience the process realtime and also receive a dummy travel document via email just like the normal process.

This solution also demonstrates how two businesses can collaborate effectively in training agents where neither has the end to end solution.

Commercially this has been one of the most relevant training and marketing solutions built in the air/rail sector and has arrived at the right time as air/rail codeshare grows.

152 Hahn Air Login screen

152 Hahn Air Travel Information screen

152 Hahn Air rail Check in pdf for Renfe 2



Together towards 100% punctuality & regularity in Rail – for a better society.

Good organization & technology so that disruptions (always lurking), when handled correctly, will never be affecting traffic. A “zero-vision” & every-day digitalisation, focusing on key effect-areas for duration of delays:
1. Infrastructure (17%)
2. Departure time (15%)
3. Vehicles (14%)

Organisation- & behaviour-development, moving towards Condition Based Maintenance & proactive communication. Combined with digital technology (x3):

1. RIM (Real-time vehicle based Infrastructure Monitoring).

2. RAK (Rail-transport App Kiosk).

3. REM (REmote vehicle Monitoring).

The technology has been ready for 10-15 years. The innovation challenge is not technology, it’s organisational development supported by technology.

Last year Trafikverket launched an initiative to jointly develop a concept (“UPPSAMT”, or “Connected2Rail”) and a demo-project using trains in traffic.

The project achieved it’s goal: Create an appetite for increased digitalisation in railways. Manifested in trivial but real forms:
- Demo-data are already being uploaded to measuring-vehicle databases.
- The Traffic Control centre trains operation-leaders in the use of the concept.

The tactics of the initiative is “step-by-step”, initially limited to catenaries and sub-sets of operators.

The concept will now be developed further, as a part of digitalisation strategies within Trafikverket.


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Abellio Group and Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic Transportation Systems created an innovative hybrid between a standard ticket office and a ticket vending machine with a video-linked call centre, piloted at Stansted Airport as part of a partnership project with Abellio Group.

Difficulties in buying complex tickets from vending machines, under resourced staffing at stations, and easing congestion within stations were some of the key challenged being faced.

The introduction of NextAgent (October 2015) has received outstanding reviews from users. Surveys show NextAgent would increase customers likelihood of using a train for their onwards journey from Stansted (1/3 of respondent’s). 91% of users would use Next Agent again. 93% of users claimed the experience was either better or the same as using a ticket office window, which enables train operators to provide the best customer service possible.

Next Agent has been part of the success of the increase in modal share for Stansted Express and has shown generative effects to the revenue, truly pleasing all stakeholders.

One traveller enthused: “I’m blown away with this machine, absolutely brilliant. What a time we live in that we can interact with a human being via a machine; fantastic, it is just awesome. Not seen this before, it’s just ace.”

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