Title Innovation of the Year 2019
Entry guidelines

This award is open to all companies that have worked on delivering a product or innovation that will improve overall airport access journey experience or operations.

Eligibility: All projects that have been begun, been implemented or completed between October 2018 and October 2019.

Entries should be supported with evidence of analysis and planning. This may include, recorded business results, innovations, new technology, new work practices, training programmes, communication strategies, or customer feedback. Appropriate measurement for before and after the project to demonstrate the success achieved is essential.

Companies may enter as many categories as they wish.

Photographs, leaflets, samples, AV material, media cuttings or company documents may be submitted to support entries if appropriate.

Each submission must include a 200-word summary of your entry, a high resolution logo and 2-4 images of reproduction quality for use in the airrail NEWS and any other promotional material. 


The judges will look for excellence in the following areas:

Judging Criteria

The idea, scale, innovation and quality of the initiative
Execution of the initiative
Impact to business and financial performance
Social and environmental benefits
Improved service to customers
Stakeholder approval
Preparation of the entry


1. Describe the main challenges and the key issues which needed to be addressed.

2. Describe the product/innovation that was used to address those challenges.

3. What differentiates your product/innovation from competitors in this market?

4. Describe the technologies used.

5. What were the positive outcomes recorded?

6. What if any, negatives aspects occurred and how are these being dealt with?

7. Summary of the entry (This summary will appear in finalists presentations). Please use the criteria to ensure you have completely fulfilled the judge’s requirements (200 words).

Year 2019
Opening Date 2019-08-09 (midday GMT)
Closing Date 2019-10-08 (midday GMT)
Rules of entry
  1. Each required entry question must be answered in full but not exceed the character limit.
  2. Each entry must contain full resolution logo and 2-3 pictures for public use.
  3. Each entry must contain 200 word summary for public use. The summary should contain main points and fact from the entry form.
  4. Entries must contain true facts and accurate information.
  5. Entries must be submitted via online entry form.
  6. If these rules will not be followed, entries will not qualify for the Stage 2.
Entry and judging procedure

There is no fee to submit an entry online, or qualify for the next stage. 

The entries should be submitted via online form. 

The judging will be based on the written entry form.

The Global AirRail Awards 2019 entry submission and judging will be executed in four stages:

Stage 1  Entry Submission  Companies and individuals will be invited to submit their nominations for specific Global AirRail Awards categories.
Stage 2  Long List  Submitted entries will be verified and checked for accuracy. Only fully filled entries with all the appropriate documentation will be moved to Stage 2.
Stage 3  Short List  Panel of Judges will evaluate and rate each entry in the long-list to select 3-5 finalists for each category. Judges will score each question using the criteria specified with each category. 
Stage 4  Winners  Winners will be announced during the Global AirRail 2019 Awards ceremony. All finalists must be present at the ceremony in order to be eligable to the award.  

The Judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into before or after the judging.

Air Rail News Ltd. is not liable for any costs incurred by applicants during their judging process.

Please call +44 (0) 208 339 6124 or contact us at awards@globalairrail.com if you have any questions.