“The conference is very important to understand emerging industry trends, best practices and share experiences with the air rail industry. The balance of deep dive into a local link, combined with the presentations from operators and airports, as well as the opportunity to share experiences with other operators are particularly usefull.”

Chris Basche, CEO, Brisbane Airtrain, AUSTRALIA

“I think the benefits were twofold - one, to learn from industry experts and executives about the inner workings of different operators, and how they have tackled specific issues giving an opportunity to learn from their experiences and mistakes. Second, to make these invaluable contacts for future correspondence to help each other in making our rail-connections and mode share better around the globe. The roundtable discussions, I think, were especially helpful.”
Nile Ledbetter, Airport Planner, San Francisco International Airport, USA

“Networking with other air-rail organisations whilst at the same time meeting new suppliers is one of the greatest GARA event benefits, as well as learning best practice from our fellow colleagues from overseas and seeing where we can improve our service based on their learnings/successess/failures.”
Eleni Jordan, Head of Sales Channels, Abellio Greater Anglia, UK

“One of the greatest benefits in attending the GARA event is to be updated about the most important works in the field, regarding all the strategic, planning, architectural, engineering, constructing and operational aspects. The remarkable formula of the event including speeches, panel discussions, roundtables and networking gives me the possibility to learn a lot, which is very useful as you can share the ideas with professionals from all over the world.”
Andrea Bruschi, Transportation and Mobility Planner, MM Spa, ITALY

“The greatest advantage of GARA event is to hear the developments and experience of other airports and to network with colleagues from around the world.”
Ville Haapasaari, Senior Vice President, Finavia, FINLAND

“The event provides a great networking opportunity. It is really interesting to see the GARA network grow with new attendees as well as find out about wider investment in air-rail links and compare experiences. The event is also a good excuse to experience airport rail connections in other cities! I think it is essential there is a mechanism for showcasing best practice so the awards are an excellent component of the event.”
Richard Higgins, Head of Surface Access Strategy, Gatwick Airport, UK

"I found the UK AirRail 2014 conference incredibly worthwhile and I will most certainly be attending again next year. In terms of attendance, in my view the quantity was exactly right. It can be difficult at some of the larger events to get to speak to the delegates as the event can lack intimacy but that was certainly not the case here. This perfect quantity of delegates was matched by the quality in both the speakers and delegates. Really excellent on every level. I learnt some valuable information that has proved advantageous in applying as we enter into a new market and made some very useful contacts that I have since met with leading to new buisness opportunities."
Ruth Purim, Managing Partner, ProActive Rail Resource Solutions, UK


Events for the air-rail market involve many different stakeholders from both air and rail industries. Our team is responsible in engaging with these stakeholders, recognising global trends in integrated travel and bringing the innovators and operators from all around the world to discuss future products and partnerships.

We have experience organising various scale events – international conferences (70 to over 200 people), international awards (from 70 to over 200 people), workshops (from 10 to 40 people), study tours and site visits (from 10 to 40 people) and one-on-one meetings.