The number one reason for attending various industry conferences and events is networking, yet most of these dedicate around 70% of the day to sessions and presentations and only 30% to active networking.

We believe that sitting in 30 min or longer presentations is not the most efficient way to learn about best practices from around the world and stimulate new ideas.

The interactive ideas forum focuses on challenges and opportunities related to the provision of seamless access to national and international airports around the world, improving customer experience and reducing carbon emissions.

Participants look at how new technology and the sharing economy is changing road access and car parking businesses at airports, as well as the opportunities public transport can deliver for airport operators in terms of non-aeronautical revenue, improved customer experience and business development.

Airport Access Ideas Forum is reforming industry events, dedicating 90% of its time to constructive and goal orientated networking and 10% to ideas stimulating presentations.

“The progressive growth in air passenger numbers has created challenges for operators globally in ensuring easy access to their airports, and has meant that future proofing airport developments has become increasingly important. We see this already in the UK with road and rail improvements playing a central role in current and proposed airport expansion projects but new technology, ranging from drones that can transport passengers and their luggage, through to the increasing use of software applications and big data, have the potential to transform how passengers access airports and to create new commercial opportunities.”

Duncan Field, Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright

“Airport Access Ideas Forum is an experience bringing the highest level professionals from the aviation and ground transport industries. The event format takes an interactive shape to include all participants for more engaging discussions and product demonstrations.”

Milda Manomaityte, Director of the Global AirRail Alliance


We are inviting established transport operators, start-ups and technology companies that are working on passenger mobility innovations to join the forum and submit a proposal for a short presentation in four dedicated areas – Rail, Road (including private vehicle, parking, taxi, car sharing and car hailing services, bus and coach access), Multimodal (inlcuding wayfinding, journey planners and big data) and Future Travel (including driverless cars, drones and other future technologies).

Presentations should focus on these key topics:

 Autonomous Vehicles  Car Parking New Technologies  Revenue & Funding 
 Wayfinding & Passenger Information  Public & Private Transport Integration Airport Employee Access  Big Data 
 Active Travel Transit Oriented Development  New Transport Modes   Airport Hubs

Submissions should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.