Airport Access Ideas Forum Agenda


09:30   Registration
09:50   Welcome

Session 1 - Airport Infrastructure Design

  • What is the future of car parking buildings?
  • Future curbside and intelligent passenger flow planning
  • Urban airports - autonomous vehicles for airport campus
  • Remote security check points - can autonomous vehicles change the bag check-in?
  • How will future car parks look like? What technology can we use today to prepare for tomorrow?
10:30   Interactive Discussions
11:30   Networking Break

Session 2 Non-Aeronautical Revenue

  • What is the affect to car parking revenues from car sharing services today? What lessons can we learn for the future?
  • Can the airport be an operator of autonomous fleet vehicles?
  • What are other non-aeronautical revenues for airports in the future? What is the airport business model? How will that change?
  • Drones and other future transport modes as ancillary services.
  • How can Airports use Mobility as a Service to increase revenues?
12:30   Interactive Discussions
13:30   Lunch Break

Session 3 Passenger and Staff Travel

  • What is the private vehicle of the future? Private-Public mode share? 
  • What is the role of railways? Autonomous buses? What is the future of mass transit?
  • Autonomous pods as feeder service for mass transit hubs.
  • Car-sharing impact to public transport? How will that change with autonomous technologies?
  • Autonomous busses and autonomous trains, what is the future of mobility? Mobility as a Service?
15:00   Interactive Discussions
16:00   Refreshment Break
16:20   Recommendations Session Participants agree on key take-aways/recommendations to be included in the post-event report
17:00   Networking Drinks