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Theo Panayi web  

Theo Panayi
Associate Technical Director

Creating a single source of data to support Airport Surface Access

Key discussion points:

  • How collaboration can deliver benefits to strategy, operations and passenger experience.
  • Developing a single data platform – ‘one version of the truth’
  • The barriers to collaboration and how these might be overcome.

Andrew Saunders web  

Andy Saunders
Surface Access Strategy Manager
Manchester Airport

How best to develop our multi-modal transport interchange?

Key discussion points: 

  • Better information on journey planning and real time information.
  • Identify suitable options between different modes. 
  • New ways of purchasing travel tickets. 

Johannah Randall web  

Johannah Randall
Head of Station Operations
High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd

How to Create a Seamless Customers Experience at Transport Interchanges?

Key discussion points:

  • The future of ticketing mediums that enable seamless interchange
  • Removing barriers to travel for customers and operator to really improve the guest experience
  • The commercial case for investing in the guest experience
  • Consistent delivery of experience across different modes and transport providers

Mike Brown web   

Mike Brown 
Strategic Airport Adviser

Three Things Big Data Reveal About Airport Rail Links

Key discussion points:

  • Households living close to airport rail links spend more on airline tickets.
  • Airports with airport rail links require fewer assets to process a given number of passengers.
  • Airport rail links increase commercial property values.

 Hannah Godfrey web  

Hannah Godfrey
Surface Access Planning Manager
Gatwick Airport

The role of digital technologies to improve the passenger experience at Gatwick

Key discussion points: 

  • Using data and technology to improve operations and enhance the passenger experience
  • Working in partnership to create frictionless journeys
  • Innovative digital and data-driven service trials
 Markus Pauly web  

Markus Pauly
Director DACH

Seamless passenger flow with One ID based on Biometrics

Key discussion points:

  • Seamless in the travel eco-system
  • Biometrics and Seamless
  • One Identity and Passenger centricity
  • Data Privacy aspects
 Ella web  

Ella Dahan
Senior Transport Analytics Consultant

Using big data to monitor airport surface access

Key discussion points:

  • The benefits of a data-driven approach to decision-making on surface access
  • How and what big data sources are available to airports and how can they be used
  • Potential insights from big surface access data
Luis Willumsen web  

Dr. Luis Willumsen
Nommon-Kineo Mobility Analytics

Understanding full passenger journey with big data

Key discussion points

  • Differences in access/egress modes for business and leisure passengers
  • Differences between short and long stay passengers full journey
  • How to improve the full trip experience
  • What is the best data to monitor the full journey experience?