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Financing the modernisation and innovation of airport and rail infrastructure development in Sub-Sahara Africa

Laverne Dimitrov, Transport Specialist, Development Bank of Southern Africa

Innovative financing models and joint partnerships are boosting air-rail developments in Sub-Sahara Africa following the regional policy reforms and uninhibited economic growth. Regions are looking to invest in brand new airports and provide better intermodality with standard gauge railway lines. 
Laverne has worked on some of the largest transport infrastructure projects on the African continent and is an external advisor to the Korean Ministry of Finance and the US Trade Agency.



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Planning airport landside infrastructure for the future, while expanding for the present

Nanna Mejlgaard, Specialist in Landside Traffic Planning/Passenger flow, Copenhagen Airports

Traditionally Copenhagen Airport has been planning its landside infrastructure for private cars and revenue generating car-parks, but faced with future mobility technologies such as autonomous vehicles, car-sharing and Mobility as a Service, the airport had to shift their strategy for planning to meet future infrastructure needs. Is it still a good investment to build car parks at airports and how transport planners can forecast the preferred mode of transportation for future passengers?
Nanna has been a Senior Specialist in Landside Transportation Planning at Copenhagen Airports since 2012, previously working as a Project Manager at the Department of Transportation in the City of Copenhagen.


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Community-centered airport link development

Julianna Moats, Principal Systems Engineer, Rail Systems, WSP

A rail link between Heathrow Airport and London Waterloo Station has been on the British government's radar for half a century. The difference between this proposal and all others which have come before, or have come since: this is a regeneration project, not a rail link project. This presentation will focus on the challenges of harmonizing the priorities and timelines of numerous local and national stakeholders.
Julianna is a Railway Systems Engineer working on the design of new stations and railway lines, including Crossrail, HS2, and Southern Rail Access to Heathrow. She is also a committee member and ambassador of Young Rail Professionals, a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, who work to inspire and develop the future generations of the railway industry.


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Passenger experience through the air-rail Interchange - a first-time user approach

Liam Henderson, Founder, Transporting Cities

International passengers arriving in a new city encounter barriers which entice them to jump in a taxi or use ride-sharing apps - instead of a rail service. Using the concept of 'escape points' between the aeroplane and the rail service, Transporting Cities undertakes reviews of the air-rail interchange in locations across the world. When airports provide too many escape points, they drain the revenue of the air-rail operator and prevent the airport from reaching public transport mode share targets.
Through his work at Transporting Cities, Liam has delivered many air-rail passenger journey assessments and will look best practice in wayfinding, information provision and language that can be used to improve overall journey experience.


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First-last mile solutions for Gautrain

Barbara Jensen, Senior Executive Manager Marketing and Communication, Gautrain Management Agency

Gautrain Management Agency is conducting a study to improve accessibility to public transport from its stations and enhance connectivity with other modes of transport, including non-motorised transport to support the Gautrain system. Enhancing public transport network and infrastructure around stations encourages better pedestrian movements and improves safety. 
The study will also serve as an input into the planning of future public transport services in the region. It is envisaged that future bus routes and pedestrian corridors will be identified as well as the feasibility of a bicycle sharing around the railway stations.




What impacts passenger shift from private to public transport

Richard Brown, Managing Director, North Star Consultancy

The Global Air-Rail Market Share report has been issued annually since 2013 and provides insight and analysis into the market share figures and trends of participating air-rail links. It is a platform for participating air-rail links to gain understanding on what actions can influence passengers when choosing a transport mode to travel to/from airports.




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Planning bicycle infrastructure in and around Frankfurt Airport

Alice Nick, Project Manager, Department of Mobility, Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain (RVFRM)

Surrounded by motorways, streets and railways, Frankfurt Airport is not only a mega transport hub but also the biggest employment hub in the region. Alongside 105 million annual passengers, more than 81 thousand people commute to and from the airport every day.
RVFRM project aims to enhance bicycle infrastructure in and around the airport, making cycling to work easy for a great number of employees. Through a communication campaign the project bring people together, creating a community of cyclists around the airport.
The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.



Are rail links impacting airport parking revenues?

Chris Wortley, Owner, Parkinguru

Currently parking makes up to 60% of all non-aeronautical revenues making it a biggest single source of income for airports. How a new rail connection to the airport will impact travel and parking habits for passengers and employees? Can all modes operate well together?
Before starting his consultancy in 2009, Chris worked for three of the world's largest car park operating companies at director/general manager level. Chris has delivered on a number of consulting projects within the Airport parking sector. 



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Airline-Railway partnership for increased ridership

Kesagee Nayager, Marketing and Communications Executive, Bombela Concession Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd

Annually over the holiday season in December-January, Gautrain experiences a significant decline in ridership as regular commuters go on holiday. To increase ridership over this period, Bombela developed a strategic partnership with a low-cost airline which yielded great results for both the Gautrain and the airline.

The presentation will look at the mechanics behind the campaign as well as some of the challenges and opportunities that the partnership brought about.



Arja Lukin, Project Director, Airport City Aviapolis, City of Vantaa

Aviapolis – impacts of the Ring Rail Line and Smart & Clean Ideas for better connectivity

Opened in July 2015, the Ring Rail Line connected Aviapolis, the fastest expanding area in Helsinki metropolitan region, with the international airport and the city center. 20,000 additional residential and 40,000 extra work places will be created in the area bringing business opportunities and mobility challenges. Aviapolis will evolve to a desirable place to live and work at. The Smart & Clean Ideas foundation has turned Helsinki into a world-class test platform for clean and smart solutions.

Arja, who leads the development and growth of Aviapolis, will look how the Ring Rail Line and the Smart & Clean Ideas foundation will boost the Aviapolis growth.