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The annual Global AirRail Conference and Awards brings air-rail professionals from all over the world to discuss the passenger intermodality segment between air and rail including the physical infrastructure integration, innovations in travel booking and planning, and improving passenger experience.

The Global AirRail Conference sessions look at best practices in planning, building and operating rail links to airports, best marketing campaigns to ensure growth, innovations in customer experience at airports and air-rail links, as well as funding, policy and stakeholder engagement challenges.

The event also hosts the annual Global AirRail Awards, recognizing the effort, best practices and results of the global air-rail community. 

“The conference is very important to understand emerging industry trends, best practices and share experiences with the air rail industry. The balance of deep dive into a local link, combined with the presentations from operators and airports, as well as the opportunity to share experiences with other operators are particularly useful.”
Chris Basche, CEO, Brisbane Airtrain, AUSTRALIA

Event enquiries can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.