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User Profiles Members can create one user profile to login to GARA members’ area. Members can create unlimited user profiles (from the same company) to login to GARA members’ area.
Complimentary tickets Not applicable Members will receive one complimentary ticket per GARA event throughout the year.
Members Discount Members will receive an exclusive discount of 25% to attend both regional and international events. Members will receive an exclusive discount of 25% to attend both regional and international events.
Access to Conference Documentation Access only to the conference documentations of attended events.

Members can view content from all previous conferences. This includes presentations, videos and attendee lists.

Access to GARA Community The GARA community allows basic members to interact with each other however restrictions will apply. The GARA community allows premium members to start topic discussions, interact with other members, vote on polls, share any questions they have and contact other GARA members.
Access to GARAbase No access Full access to GARAbase, an information recourse with all operational, under construction and planned air-rail links from around the world; information about passenger numbers access airports by rail and much more.
Access to Virtual Workshops Virtual workshops allow basic members to view key topics, however they can only participate in discussions when invited. Virtual workshops allow premium members to share files and create discussions on key topics which have the option of being public and private discussions. They can also invite members to these discussions. Topics include surface access branding, global distribution system.
Featured GARA Member Basic members will be listed in the Member List page but not featured on the homepage. Premium member will be listed on the Member List page and included on the homepage in the ‘Featured GARA Member’ area.
Featured news Basic members’ news will be shared via social media channels but will not be featured on website or airrail NEWS newsletters. Premium member news will be featured in Members’ New area and appear on the Latest News feed. Members’ press released will also be shared on GARA social media channels and included in airrail NEWS newsletters to over 9,000 subscribers.
Speaking opportunity at GARA events Not available for basic members. Premium members (subject to availability) will have an opportunity to deliver a keynote presentation during one of the GARA annual events.
Personal introductions to other GARA members Not available for basic members Premium members will receive personal introductions to selected GARA members via email to enhance networking opportunities.
Special GARA reports Available for basic members to purchase with 25% discount. Available for premium members at no additional cost.
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