Five new trains started running on Leonardo Express

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ITALY: Rome's Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport dedicated rail link Leonardo Express has five new “Jazz” trains running since last week.

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The “Jazz” trains are part of the new train fleet purchased for the Lazio regional rail network by Trenitalia in a bid to renew the rolling stock used for the carrying passengers to and from Rome airport. 

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Trenitalia has seen a steady growth in passenger numbers which lead to the increase of daily runs last December from 70 trains to 88, bumping the capacity by 26% from 42,000 available daily seats to 53,000. Even more, since last July Leonardo Express increased the daily trains further to 110, an additional 25% capacity bump offering 66,000 available seats per day.

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The new Alstom built trains can reach up to 160km/h speed, have more space for luggage, reduced gap between the train and the platform, increased safety and security, seat plugs, multifunctional areas that can be adapted for wheelchair or bicycle transportation and information displays.

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