Incheon International Airport opens new maglev train connection

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SOUTH KOREA: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has announced the opening of a new 6.1 km urban maglev train shuttle to/from Incheon International Airport.

The train will start operations on 3rd of February and run between the airport and the new Yongyu Station in 15 minutes. The service will be free of charge and have 6 total stations that will link the airport with the future hotel, casino and other developments.

Incheon Maglev1

A total of 413.5 billion won (US$382 million) has been spent on the project.

Currently Incheon Interanational Airport is connected with Seoul Central Station by a dedicated Airport Express train A’REX (43 min) and commuter rail service stopping at all stops on the same route (56 min). The railway station is located at the Transportation Centre, a short walk away from the main airport building.

The new maglev train will provide seamless connection with the A’REX train and in the future extend to create a circular line around the airport island.

Incheon Maglev3