New Sofia Metro Airport expansion to open in April

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BULGARIA: A new extension from Sofia’s Underground Red Line to connect Sofia Airport with four new stops is set to open early April this year.

Sofia Metro expects to see an increase in passenger numbers by 32%. Earlier in March, the operator has added English announcements to their trains, anticipating higher numbers of foreign passengers.

The opening of the two new lines will be to Mladost 4 and the Sofia Airport and it will have a direct connection to the rail line between two of the biggest cities, Sofia and Plovdiv.

The executive director the Sofia Metropolitan, Stoyan Bratoev said the new line will have four stations.

The metro line to Sofia Airport is “100% ready” after test runs to check off the safety requirements said Bratoev.

Expected travel time is 15 minutes from the airport to the city centre.

Construction of the extension began in November 2012 and cost $76 million USD (136 million leva). The majority of the funding was covered by the EU’s transport operational programme and the rest by Sofia Municipality and the national budget.

Sofia metro map