On the Move: Helsinki's Ring Rail Line

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FINLAND: Helsinki’s new Ring Rail Line officially began operating on 1st of July 2015 connecting the capital’s main airport with Helsinki and the city of Vantaa.

Construction of the €774 million Ring Rail Line began in 2009. The costs were shared among the Finnish Transport Agency, the City of Vantaa, and Finavia. The project also received support from the EU.

Ring Rail Line 11

The project involved building 18 kilometres of new track, 8 kilometres of which is in a tunnel. Five new stations - Vehkala, Kivistö, Aviapolis, Airport and Leinelä – connected two existing railway lines creating a loop between the Helsinki city and the Airport.

RingRailLine Map

Several new areas for housing, work, and recreation will be built along the Ring Rail Line.

New Clarion Hotel being built at Aviapolis Station on Ring Rail Line

New Clarion Hotel is being built at Aviapolis station on Ring Rail Line. 

The trains run at 10 min intervals to both directions stopping at all stations along the route. Aviapolis station marks the mid-point of the line with 30min journey times to Helsinki Central Station from both directions.

Ring Rail Line 13

IMG 1927

Ring Rail Line stations have a convenient route map with journey times displayed for passenger convenience. 

There is a short (350 metres to Terminal 1 and 700 metres to Terminal 2.) walk to reach airport terminals from the station. 

Ring Rail Line 2

Ring Rail Line 1

Ring Rail Line 3

Ring Rail Line 7

Currently the escalators at the airport station are still under construction and passengers need to use lifts to go down to reach the trains.

Ring Rail Line 4

Ring Rail Line 5

Signage at Ring Rail Line airport station, informing passengers about the construction work.

Tickets can be purchased at airport just before going down to the railway station, but also are available on each of the stations and on board of trains.

Ring Rail Line 6

Tickets for Ring Rail Line can be purchased from both VR and HRT (Helsinki Region Transport, operator of the line) ticket machines, but it might not be clear for international traveller. This ticket station at airport could be improved with simple signage "Tickets to Helsinki" or some Ring Rail Line branding. 

Trains operating on the Ring Rail Line are the new Sm5 low-floor trains, or Flirts that also run on other rail lines in Helsinki.

Ring Rail Line 9

Ring Rail Line 10

Ring Rail Line 12

Ring Rail Line 15

Train display at Helsinki Central Station shows little plane icons to indicate the which trains run to the airport.