One the move: Lyon Airport with Rhônexpress

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One the move: Lyon Airport with Rhônexpress

Dedicated Lyon airport rail link Rhônexpress is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, having carried over 5 million passengers over the time.

This was a perfect opportunity to test the service!

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Arriving passengers are met with the Rhônexpress information posters at the baggage reclaim and wayfinding signs directing them to one of the world’s most iconic railways stations designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

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The station was easy to find with signs directing you every step of the way and the information screen with countdown to the next train was useful.

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Terminal 1 is linked with the railway station via a footbridge and with the help of travellators it takes only few minutes to travel between the two. 

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Opened in 1994 the railway station bears Calatrava’s signature “wings” and leaves a lasting impression.

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“The dramatic form of the central hall's superstructure was derived from one of Calatrava's sculptures: a balanced shape resembling a bird at the point of flight.”

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Rhonexpress tickets can be bought from ticket machines at the station, online, via operator’s app or from the staff on board with a one euro surcharge for each transaction. Since there were people lingering around the ticket machines and I completely forgot about the app option, I've opted for the on-board purchase, which was easy enough. 

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Trains operate every 15 minutes with the journey time of about 30 minutes.

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Each train has dedicated luggage racks, posters with information about onward travel and free wifi (you will need to register your name and email for the first time log-in). One of the most impressive things were the huge windows, allowing you to take in all the views. 

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The city terminus Gare Part-Dieu is one of Lyon’s main railway stations, located on the SNCF operated Paris-Lyon-Marseille line and linked to metro, tram and trolleybus network.

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The city centre and old town is located about 30-40min by foot.

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