Union Pearson Express Turns to NCR to Introduce New Airport Check-in Experience

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CANADA: NCR Corporation, the consumer transaction technologies’ company, has announced that Union Pearson Express (UP Express) has selected the NCR TouchPort 100 check-in solution for three key stations along the Union to Pearson route to the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Opening on 6th of June, the UP Express will connect Toronto Pearson International Airport with Union Station in downtown Toronto in just 25 minutes.

The rollout of NCR TouchPort 100 will support UP Express’s efforts to improve the travellers’ experience as the NCR solution can be used to check-in while passengers wait for a train. An ‘all-in-one’ common-use kiosk will allow a customer to check-in, print a boarding pass, and other airline specific capabilities.

Several factors led to UP Express’s adoption of the solution, including software integration, ease of use and value. When searching for a modern check-in system, UP Express looked for one that could adapt to its environment. UP Express’s key purpose was to provide a convenience to their customers to avoid waiting in line upon arrival at the airport and to make it as seamless a process as possible during peak hours for travellers to quickly check-in.

In addition to improving the travellers’ experience, UP Express also selected the NCR solution because of its user-friendly interface. Travelers can use the solution with minimal or no instruction which enables the platform to deliver instant value to UP Express.

“Travellers increasingly seek out alternatives that will expedite their check-in experience, and this is especially important in an environment where time is especially precious,” said Dennis Davidson, vice president of Travel, NCR Corporation. ”NCR has enabled UP Express to deliver an innovative and convenient check-in experience that will serve travellers well for years to come.”