Canberra airport light rail line identified as a priority

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AUSTRALIA: The ACT Government has launched a public consultation for Canberra’s light rail network. The network shows how proposed future routes for light rail will link to stage one, which will begin construction next year.

Stage 1 of the Capital Metro network will run between Gungahlin and the city, and the government is now asking the community to tell their views on where future stages should go and how it can best integrate a public transport system with Canberra’s current infrastructure.

“The public consultation for the draft light rail network is an opportunity for the community to have their say on the future proposed corridors as this document will work for to direct the long term strategy and vision for Canberra’s light rail network”, Chief Minister Andrew Barr said.

Easter connections - Fyshwick and Airport - has been identified as a high priority corridor in the Light Rail Network report.


The draft report envisions mostly employees using the light rail line to travel to/from the airport but sees a potential to capture a significant traffic of air passengers as well.

“Although the major driver of demand on the airport corridor is likely to be employment rather than air passengers, Canberra Airport data shows strong demand for travel between the airport and Parliamentary Triangle, with 65% of all airline passenger arrivals destined for the City or Parliamentary Triangle,” says the report.

According to the report, the airport light rail could also bring a significant transit oriented development with residential and commercial capacity along the line.

Public consultation is open until 11 December 2015. Find more information here