Chengdu Airport Rail Link Opens

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Chengdu Metro A Line 1

CHINA: Chengdu Metro Line 10, connecting Shuangliu International Airport with the city centre, has officially opened for passenger services on 6th of September.

The 10.9 km line runs underground with total of six stations – Taiping Park, Jin, Huaxing, Jinhua, Shuangliu Internatinal Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Journey between the airport and the city centre is 12 minutes, with trains running on 8 minute intervals during the peak times. Initially the trains will run from 6am in the morning until 11pm at night and, depending on the demand, the timetables might be adjusted in the future.

Chengdu Metro Line 10 will be the first one in the network to accept mobile payments on the automatic ticket machines via WeChat. It is expected to roll out this function on all Chengdu Metro lines by the end of the year.

The airport line trains are decorated with Chengdu’s iconic destinations, cultural and art symbols. The train cars are also equipped with large passenger information screens, displaying maps, transfer information, walking directions and station facilities. Airport stations have live train arrival and departure information screens.

Chengdu Metro A Line 2