Construction on the Beijing New Airport Rail Link will start by the end of the year

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CHINA: The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation (TSDI) has issued a Beijing New Airport Rail Line full environmental impact report allowing to start the construction of the line in December this year with an estimated finish date in September 2019.

According to the report, the new airport rail line will be 39.05 km long with maximum speed of 160 km/h and designed capacity of 4 minute headway, allowing to run 15 trains an hour, although the initial runs are planned for 12 min headway and 5 trains an hour.

Beijing New Airport Terminal1

The train will run to and from Beijing’s new airport in Daxing which is estimated to handle 45 million passengers in the first years of operation, reaching 70 million in midterm and 100 million passenger capacity in long term.

Beijing New Airport Terminal Building will be the world’s largest airport passenger terminal. Zaha Hadid Architects and ADP Ingeniérie have designed the airport concept which will include integrated multimodal transport centre, featuring direct links to local and national rail services and the Gaotie high speed rail.

According to the report, the rail line will run from Beijing New Airport Terminal North to Caoqiao Station on Beijing Metro Line 10. The airport rail line will run underground for 20.85km and 18.2km over the ground. All three stations will be located underground, including the airport station. The total investment for the projects is estimated to be around 28.17 billion yuan.

Beijing New Airport Rail Line Map2