Irish Rail pushes for direct link to Dublin Airport

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IRELAND: Head of Corporate Communications for Irish Rail Barry Kenny spoke to Newstalk Breakfast about the plans for a new Dart line for Dublin airport, which will hopefully extend to services outside of Dublin.

“One of the options currently being studied with the National Transport Authority for connecting Dublin Airport to Dublin city centre is a Dart Airport Line,” Kenny said in the interview.

According to him, a spur connecting to an existing Line at Klan griffin could be developed with relatively modest cost and would generate great economic activity.

“What we are highlighting, is that it opens a lot of strategic options in terms of what we do next with our transport infrastructure. Underground Dart Line would link directly to the Heuston station giving access to intercity trains that are coming to this station. Longer term, as you move to electrifications, you could have direct rail connections from Cork and other major cities through the underground line to Dublin Airport.”

Irish Rail Chief Executive David Franks confirmed the plans with Irish Independent.

"One of the biggest contributions we can make to the economy is moving people over long distances and into city centres fast. My vision is more a Manchester Airport connection where you can go all over the country using diesel trains. You could gain access to Cork, Galway or Belfast. We think it could be done for about €300m, but that's very rough and ready," Franks said.

A proposal to connect a spur from Dart line to the airport from Clongriffin is currently with the Department of Transport. Part two would involve a second line from the airport to Swords, before connecting back onto the main Dublin-Belfast line, which would also service commuters from Drogheda and Dundalk.

The public had until Monday 19 January to submit their comments on the shortlisted six project options that are being considered to meet the medium to long-term transportation needs of one of the fastest growing areas in the country; the Fingal/North Dublin area, encompassing the Swords/Dublin Airport to city centre corridor.

The six proposed options, which will go ahead for more detailed evaluation before a final decision on a preferred option is made, include (

  • Two heavy rail options:
  • A DART link from Clongriffin to the Airport and Swords (Option HR2);
  • A DART link from the Maynooth Railway Line to the Airport and Swords via a tunnel under Glasnevin (Option HR8);
  • Two Luas/Metro options:
  • A Luas line from Cabra to the Airport and Swords via a tunnel under Glasnevin (Option LR3)
  • A Metro proposal from St. Stephen’s Green to the Airport and Swords (Option LR7);
  • One Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Option:
  • A combination of a number of proposed Bus Rapid Transit services (Option BRT 5); and
  • One Combination Option:
  • A combination of a DART link from Clongriffin to the Airport and a Luas line from Cabra to Swords (Option C1).