Journey PAL wins government funding to develop a station & operator rating product for accessible travel

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Journey PAL

UK: RSSB and the Department for Transport has awarded £600,000 funds to develop a crowdsourced tool Journey PAL, allowing disabled passengers and carers to access all the information they need to understand how accessible a specific station is, as well as an overall rating fellow users have placed on a specific journey. 

By allowing users to input their own reviews and calibrate their user interface, Journey PAL will present relevant, reliable advice for each user group who, until now, have relied upon high-level metrics published by operators. In addition, the rating that users collectively provide will ensure that station operators are held to account over the quality of their service due to the public transparency of the rating process.

The initial trial in the West Midlands area will cover stations served by national and local operators, including West Midlands Railway and London Northwestern Railway, as well as those connecting to flights from Birmingham Airport (via Birmingham International station).

Journey PAL is being developed by four partners: Accessible Travel & Leisure, Transporting Cities, Ethos Farm, and MuMu, with the with the initial concept to be launched winter 2018.

Matt Garner, Co-founder of customer service tech company Ethos Farm said: “We are delighted to have won this prestigious competition and look forward to delivering an innovative and transformational.”

Liam Henderson of passenger experience agency Transporting Cities said: “Passengers of all means rely on quite bland information published by rail companies to make very personal choices; this tool will empower user groups to build their own journey reviews and help improve the experience for their peers.”