Lyon Airport prepares for a new era with the opening of Terminal 1 next year and improved access

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FRANCE: Less than a year of construction remains before the future Terminal 1 opens at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, doubling the built surface of the airport and increasing the capacity up to 15 million passengers by 2020.

National and international media were invited to inspect the future terminal, representing a 210EUR million investment.

The new terminal is scheduled to open in September 2017 and will serve the growing low cost traffic at the airport, in addition to traffic from other airlines.

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“We intend to become France’s second largest airport and the primary departure point for the country’s south-east residents,” Philippe Bernand, CEO of Lyon Airport said. “Future Terminal 1 propels Lyon Airport into a new era, notably shaking off the constraints of traditional architectural terminal design. The central space of the new Terminal 1 will give our passengers the possibility to discover and enjoy a vibrant space, filled with life and cultural exchange.”

According to Philippe Bernand, the new terminal will have easy access for all transport modes – improved access to the TGV and Rhonexpress train station, redirected road traffic with some areas converted for pedestrian use only, as well as better access for busses and coaches.

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“We see Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport as the main gateway for ski tourism. We have the capacity and surface access to achieve this vision, the airport is conveniently located for easy road and rail access and one of the ways we can achieve this vision is through a closer cooperation with high speed trains,” said Philippe Bernand.

Currently nearly 20% of passengers travel to/from Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport by public transport – 5.8% by bus, 1.5% TGV train, and 12.5% by Rhonexpress.

“We are working with SNCF to develop direct rail access from the airport to South France, specifically Marseille and Montpellier. There are 120 high speed trains that pass the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport station daily and only 30 of them stop at this station. The idea is to increase the number of trains stopping at the airport, allowing people from Marseille to use Lyon airport as an alternative option for direct flights,” the airport CEO added.

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Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport served 8.7 million passengers in 2015, representing a 2.8% growth compared to the previous year. The TGV high speed rail and OUIGO low cost high speed rail services offer 24 direct city connections and the light rail Rhonexpress service links the airport with Lyon city centre in 30 min.

In 2015 the Lyon-Saint Exupéry was the first airport in France to inaugurate a single Operations Command Centre, which has since become central to the airport’s decision making process.

Its main objectives are to meet the daily challenges of flight punctuality and passenger quality of service, whilst also improving the experience of travellers passing through the airport. A new supervisory team consisting of 18 operational team members now controls the centre. Terminal managers are responsible for coordinating all terminal operations, Welcome managers look after the all passenger services including access, transport, information and reception, and Operations managers coordinate all the centre’s activities.

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