Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects wins JFK Airport’s redevelopment vision planning work

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USA: Port Authority New York New Jersey has selected a Mott MacDonald-led consulting team to implement the vision plan set out by the Airport Advisory Panel for the redevelopment of John F. Kennedy Airport.

"Our plan for a transformed JFK envisions a unified, state-of-the-art airport to meet the demands of current and future passengers, and with this action, we're making these plans a reality," Governor Andrew Cuomo said. "The new JFK will be a crown jewel of the New York City transportation network, an airport of the calibre that New Yorkers deserve, and a centre of economic vitality and activity."

The specific goals of the vision plan set out by the Governor's Airport Advisory Panel include the creation of a seamless, interconnected terminal system, world-class customer service, a vastly overhauled roadway access network to reduce time-consuming bottlenecks, enhancements to JFK AirTrain together with the expansion of rail mass transit with the focus on developing a one-seat ride to and from the airport, development of modern cargo facilities and improvements to aeronautical infrastructure.

Along with Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects, the new team comprises expert firms including TranSolutions, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, VJ Associates, ACB Architects, EnTech Engineering, Naik Consulting, Reichman Frankle, and Holmes Keogh to meet a 30% minority and women-owned businesses goal.

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said, "The planned redevelopment of this important worldwide gateway to New York is vital to transforming JFK into the top rank of airports globally. Customers are accustomed to traveling through state-of-the art airport facilities the world over, and deserve no less from this nation's leading international airport."

At JFK Airport, the Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects' team will develop a plan in line with the recommendations from the Governor's Airport Advisory Panel to guide JFK Airport's redevelopment, while creating long-term program planning and project support as well as short-term operational enhancement initiatives. On airport, in addition to the integration of terminals, the planning work will include redesigning the on-airport traffic pattern, centralizing parking lots, ensuring world-class customer amenities in retail, dining and business centre capabilities, expanding taxiways and fostering enhanced state-of-the-art security technology.

A major task for Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects will be developing forecasts of JFK Airport's aviation demands - passenger numbers, cargo tonnage, type of jet fleets and general aviation needs - anticipated through mid-century, while analysing the requirements to meet expected peak demand needs. Key priorities include optimizing airfield capacity to reduce ground delays, improving rail access and capacity to and from the airport and developing best-in-class cargo facilities and operations.