Oakland Airport opens its BART connector to wider rail network

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USA: Oakland Airport passengers can now board one of four three-car automated people movers at either the Coliseum Station or the Oakland International Airport Station and take the eight-minute ride at 30 mph.  

Oakland Airport opens its BART connector to wider rail network

“The ride and the experience alone are memorable,” said BART General Manager Grace Crunican. “Riders get a 360 degree view from the windows surrounding the entire car as you travel over the traffic below. It's a cable propelled system with light-weight and quiet trains, so it's like gliding through the air.”   

Trains arrive every 5 minutes during peak commute hours (8am-8pm) and drop off and pick up riders just steps away from both terminals at OAK. BART riders have a quick and easy train to train transfer at the Coliseum station. Riders can use a BART ticket or a Clipper Card.

Sample one-way adult fares between the new Oakland International Airport Station and various stations throughout the system include: from Downtown Oakland stations: $7.85; from Downtown San Francisco stations: $10.05; from Downtown Berkeley station $8.50; from Walnut Creek station $9.70; from Fremont $9.85; from Dublin Pleasanton station: $9.80.  Fare listings can be found here: http://www.bart.gov/tickets/calculator

The project broke ground in 2010 and construction cost $484 million.  As of Saturday, November 22nd, AirBART buses will no longer be in operation.

Nearly 700 people took a free ride during the public celebration held Friday, November 21, 2014.  

“The Bay Area is making history by becoming only the second major metro area in the nation where two or more of its airports are served by a direct train-to-plane connection,” Crunican said at the ceremony, noting Chicago as the other.

BART to OAK ribbon cutting

Where to buy a ticket?
Ticket vending machines are available at the Coliseum Station, and ticket vending machines are located on the new Platform 3. A ticket is not necessary when leaving the Airport and riding to the Coliseum Station, however, once at the Coliseum Station, passengers must pay to get out and to continue onto the final BART destination. Fare machines are available when passengers get off the train at the Coliseum Station Platform 3, before proceeding to the train to the airport, or after arriving at Coliseum Station from the airport.