Qixxit makes the first step towards truly integrated air-ground travel platform

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Qixxit app

GERMANY: A new digital travel planner app Qixxit was launched, combining several different means of transportation into one trip. Long distance bus, train and air travel can now be compared in one single search query and then combined to create one connected journey.

According to Qixxit, layovers and check-in times are fully considered in the combined journey plan.

The travel platform app can now be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores and can also be accessed at www.qixxit.com.

“We’ve been continuing to work on the development of the app over the past few months, and our main focus has been on the needs of travellers. We’ve integrated the results of our various user tests, as well as feedback from beta users, into the software development and platform design. We’re truly indebted to everyone who’s supported us throughout this crucial phase,” says Stefan Kellner, CEO at Qixxit.

Qixxit’s travel planning includes access to train connections with Deutsche Bahn and other railway companies. This includes FlixTrain, as well as German and European FlixBus connections. Air travel options are integrated through Qixxit’s partner Skyscanner. While Deutsche Bahn train tickets can be booked directly through Qixxit, other bookings are carried out through travel service providers or travel agents.

Qixxit was founded in 2012 by Deutsche Bahn and sits under the DB Digital Ventures group, which
finances and develops new data-based business models.