The Global Air Rail Awards 2015 Sponsored by GuestLogix

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The winners of Global AirRail Awards 2015 sponsored by the global leaders in comprehensive merchandising, payment and business intelligence technology GuestLogix have been announced in Toronto on 21 May 2015.

Steve Bozeman, Vice President Sales at GuestLogix has opened the awards ceremony, welcoming guests from all around the world. 

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Even though the first air-rail link has opened at the very beginning of commercial aviation in 1927 (Berlin U-Bahn Paradestraße service to Tempelhof Airport) the concept only started to take off in around 90’s when the dedicated airport express services started to pop-up around the world.

Services like Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express, Arlanda Express, Hong Kong Airport Express, Flytoget and others challenged our understanding of traditional railways. Here they were - purpose built, high quality, high speed and esteemed brand rail services to airports that competed not with buses, but with private cars and taxis.

Since then the world has seen more airport expresses coming into operation and more airports connecting with cities by different rail services. The travel industry is changing fast. Passengers are demanding rapid, reliable and comfortable travel options to/from airports. Suppliers are building integrated travel planning and booking solutions, airports, airlines and rail operators are forming partnerships to better serve their customers.

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Global AirRail Awards mission is to follow this positive change and to raise awareness about the many air-rail projects that are happening around the world. To share ideas about customer service excellence and innovation. To celebrate the creativity of organisations and to congratulate their successful partnerships.

15 judges from air and rail industries, excellent specialists in their field, evaluated the entries and chose this year’s winners. Each entry was judged by five to six judges. Each judge had two to three categories to evaluate. Judges varied per category and they were unaware of who had the same category. This was done to ensure the fairness of the competition.


Airport of the Year

This award is dedicated to recognising an airport that actively works with its partners in creating the best air-rail experience for its customers.

Winner - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) rail line to the DFW Airport was unique to the company. The service provides a convenient gateway for travellers to get to famous landmarks in Dallas and the airport. The total length of the rail service is 14 miles. DART has created over 54,000 new jobs to the North Texas region.

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Best Air Rail Distribution Solution

This award applauds clear vision, design, and strategic plan that will significantly improve the air-rail passenger experience.

Winner - Travelport

The launch of the Airport Express plugin for Travelport Smartpoint is a first for any GDS, offering agents an integrated and efficient experience when booking express services. Travelport is constantly looking at how they are able to redefine travel commerce and the use of Travelport Marketplace capabilities, a strong developer relationship and clear understanding of both supplier and agency requirements meant that Travelport was able to exceed all expectations.

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Environmental Commitment

This award recognises innovations in air-rail towards sustainable development.

Winner - Flytoget

Flytoget is keen to ensure that the company’s work on sustainability and social responsibility meets the expectations of the stakeholder, and their on-going efforts to poll customers and staff facilitates a more open-hearted and to-the-point dialogue. Transparency and good, targeted dialogue with the company’s stakeholders ensure that Flytoget receives the right feedback, enjoys the possibility of continual improvement and is able to build trust and a good reputation.

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Marketing Campaign of the Year

This award is dedicated to the most creative and successful marketing campaigns in the air-rail sector.

Winner - Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd

Express Rail Link (ERL) executed an integrated marketing campaign to promote the extension of its KLIA Ekspres & KLIA Transit services to the new low-cost carrier terminal called KLIA2 which opened on 2nd May 2014. The overall ridership grew by +38% after the service launch to KLIA2. The whole campaign produced an ROI of 590% after 1 month of operations.

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Customer Service Excellence

The Customer Service Excellence award looks for the best examples of delivering an enjoyable and stress free journey from air to rail.

Winner - MTR Airport Express Line

“Customer-centric” is the cornerstone of Airport Express (AEL). AEL keeps improving the total travel experience and creates values to meet or even go beyond customers’ expectation to achieve service excellence. Customer Service Vision (CSV) was introduced to reinforce the AEL culture with customer-focused initiatives to provide a series of new, premium and value-added services.

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Travelport project of the Year

This award is given to a project that is contributing, or will contribute greatly to future air-rail services.

Winner - UP Express: Transforming Toronto with a Lasting Legacy

UP Express is supported by four stations and 18 new vehicles. Throughout the entire design and construction process, every detail was carefully planned to ensure an UPlifting experience – stations are warm, inspiring and bathed in light. Equipped with a range of amenities including Wi-Fi, ticket kiosks, airline check-in, boarding pass and baggage tag printing, and flight information screen, the stations are an oasis amongst the stress of travel. Additionally, iconic Toronto retailers provide guests with their first taste of the city and strategic partners augment the total experience.

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AccesRail Integrated Partnership of the Year

This award celebrates successful partnerships between operators, suppliers and organisations, who work together to create seamless air-rail journeys.

Winner - UP Express: Uplifting Opportunities

Met with unprecedented support from corporate Canada, businesses are refocusing their marketing budgets to partner with UP Express and reach a coveted audience. With three key partnership categories, we have confirmed a host of partners including:

  • Founding Partners with leading Canadian companies in financial services, professional consulting services, telecommunications and technology sectors.
  • Retail Partners with quintessential Toronto brands like Balzac’s in food and beverage, Drakes in uniquely curated products/ gifts, a famous local brewery for craft beers, as well as POP-UP events for a unique, engaging and memorable experience.
  • Transportation Partners including the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Canada’s leading Airlines, the Toronto Transit Commission, the City of Toronto and VIA Rail.

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North Start Air Rail Link of the Year

The North Star Air Rail Link of the Year award recognises the service with best performance results and highest overall impact to the air-rail market over the past year.

Winner - Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd

Express Rail Link (ERL) recorded an even better performance in 2014 compared to the year before in terms of passenger ridership, revenue and operating profit despite the KLIA traffic contraction after the Malaysia Airlines’ tragedies in March and July. Total ridership grew by +32% and fare revenue grew by +36% while the market share of KLIA traffic increased to 17% (vs 15% in 2013).

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Personality of the Year

This award is given to a person who through his or her work contributed greatly to promoting and growing the air-rail business in the world.

Winner - Kathy Haley, President, Union Pearson Express

Kathy M. Haley joined Metrolinx as the inaugural President of Union Pearson Express in July 2011. Kathy’s deep understanding of the customer provides her with the insight to anticipate market needs and deliver innovative ideas to change customer experience. Her vision for Toronto and its airport connectivity was integral in bringing a superb team together to build the UP Express as a quality customer service product.

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