Travelport releases "We're There" advert for the Travel Commerce Platform

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UK design agency Purple Creative has rounded off an 18-month branding project with a high-end B2B commercial for Travelport.

After completely re-evaluating and commercialising the Travelport brand, Purple have created a film called ‘We’re There’, directed by Connected Pictures.

Purple helped establish the big idea – redefining travel commerce – which has become a rallying cry for the whole organisation. Andy Harding, founding partner of Purple Creative explains that, “It’s really helped Travelport stand-out from the competition, in a sector that previously had very little brand differentiation. To support the positioning, we also created a new visual identity that stretched across all Travelport channels, and delivered compelling messages about the business, its customers and the sophisticated technologies involved.”

The creative brief for ‘We’re There’
The Travelport teams in Langley, UK, and Atlanta, USA, tasked Purple and their video production partner, Connected Pictures, to create a commercial that explains how Travelport’s portfolio of products delivers against the unmet needs of its customers and the world’s travellers. The aim was to explain the proposition to Travelport’s global audiences in a way that taps into the emotional benefits of what the company does and how it keeps the travel industry connected and travellers moving.

The finished commercial reflects how every single second, everywhere in the world where travel is searched, shared, bought or sold, Travelport is there.
Gordon Nardini, Senior Director, Marketing at Travelport commented; “The ‘We’re There’ commercial is a marketing tool that the whole of the business will benefit from – not only in helping us explain the value that our platform brings to the travel industry, but also the very human side of our business, which is about helping people to get wherever they need to be all around the world, for a huge range of reasons. The film shows how we help the travel industry and the world’s travellers in so many different ways.”