UP Express and VIA Rail Announce a More Connected Network

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CANADA: Union Pearson Express (UP Express) and VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) have announced a partnership that will see VIA Rail passengers purchase UP Express tickets when booking VIA Rail itineraries online at viarail.ca.

This intermodal agreement with UP Express enables travellers to book a trip between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Toronto's Union Station as a connecting trip with VIA in a single transaction. Passengers will book their tickets online at viarail.ca and receive a combined itinerary including an UP Express ticket between Union Station and Toronto Pearson. 

"We are excited to be able to provide this rail-to-rail ticketing solution at what will be the two busiest transportations hubs in Canada," says Kathy Haley, President of UP Express. "With this partnership, we are certain that guests of UP Express and VIA will benefit from a seamless journey from points leading into and out of Union Station through to Toronto Pearson."


The partnership with UP Express brings the number of VIA Rail intermodal partners to 22 across Canada, making travel on a connected network more seamless, convenient and attractive to their customers. It will enable residents from communities across southern Ontario and Quebec to connect to Canada's busiest airport.

"The launch of this new service marks an extremely important step for passenger transport in our country's largest metropolitan area. With this partnership, all travellers along VIA Rail's routes can now seamlessly link to Canada'sbusiest airport, Toronto Pearson – which is a big plus for those of us who don't want to drive", says Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, President and CEO of VIA Rail. "The more travellers leave their cars at home, the better it will be for both the environment and the economy considering that traffic congestion in Toronto alone costs up to $6 billion annually to the economyi."

VIA customers will be able to purchase tickets online at viarail.ca starting May 11, 2015 for trips starting June 6, 2015, the date of UP Express's service launch.

"As a division of Metrolinx, our goal is to improve the transportation and transit network in our region, specifically by creating a faster, more convenient and reliable choice for getting to the airport from downtown. The involvement of VIA Rail with UP Express provides even more connectivity through Union Station to Toronto Pearson." said Haley.

Both VIA Rail and UP Express, together with Toronto Pearson International Airport, are hosting the Global AirRail 2015 Conference and Awards in Toronto on 20-22 May. Delegates of the event will be among the first international travellers able to test UP Express services, prior to the official service launch on 6th of June.

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