DFW Airport approves rail station construction agreement

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USA: DFW Airport Board has approved the DFW Airport Station Commitment Agreement with the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, allowing the construction of rail infrastructure for the two airport stops of the TEX Rail transit project.

“DFW Airport is partnering with the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) to bring commuter rail service to the Airport. TEX Rail is a 27-mile commuter rail project being developed by FWTA, which will extend from downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport, and include two on-Airport stations - DFW North Station and DFW Airport Station near Terminal B,” states the Board meeting minutes.

TexRail Map2

FWTA is expecting to receive a grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to complete funding requirements for the project. The FTA requires certain assurances concerning the construction of the DFW Airport Station near Terminal B in order to release the grant funds to FWTA.

According to the agreement DFW will design and construct the DFW Rail Facilities, consisting of the platform, walkways, canopy and landscaping for the DFW Airport Station. DFW's current cost estimate of the scope of work, including insurance and other appropriate soft costs, is $40 Million.

DFW will also grant the FWTA a temporary Construction License allowing for construction of the FWTA Rail Facilities, consisting of trackway and signal systems.

TexRail Map1

TEX Rail is projected to have 18,000 daily riders by 2035.