Latest train design trends at the Future of AirRail: PARTNERSHIPS event

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947EVENTS: Daniel Huber, Managing Partner Strategic Design of Spirit Design, joins the Future of AirRail: PARTNERSHIPS event to talk about the importance of design in creating the perfect air-rail link.

"There is not one single means of transportation that is capable of optimally meeting all user needs. A mix of the various mobility offerings is, however, able to do such. One example is air-rail services," Daniel said to airrail NEWS.

"At Spirit Design, we think in terms of systems that encompass all means of transport. The future will feature the arising of a new paradigm. It will ensure the sustainability of transport, and will involve switching from mass transport to the transporting of a great number of individuals, each with highly particular needs. Our era is being shaped by this change in mobility requirements."

According to Daniel, this is being caused by the ongoing urbanisation of the world and by the ever-greater encumbrance by traffic. These trends are elevating the importance of environmentally-compatible public transport.

Spirit Design is a leading strategic design company headquartered in Vienna that was founded by its owners Daniel Huber and Georg Wagner in 1993.

Its work on holistic strategic designs causes Spirit Design to take intensive looks at trends and user-needs. The purpose of this consideration is to make public transport more environmentally-compatible, efficient and attractive to consumers.

cat cityairporttrain  created by spirit design-webIn 2000, this work led to Spirit Design's formulation of path-blazing train, metro and tram concepts. This was undertaken for Siemens Austria AG, and formed part of its Viaggio Comfort international rail platform. The highly successful ÖBB railjet went into service in 2008. It is operated by Austria's federal rail corporation, and now serves in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary.

Designed for the Austrian market, the WESTbahn has been in successful service since December 2011.

Another, important example is the CAT City Airport Train, which was put into operation in 2003. It links Vienna's airport and downtown. It was the first direct connection between the two destinations, and thus represented a milestone in the city's history.


"The value added by our designs stems from focusing on the user and her or his needs. In our designs, trains are, for instance, more than a way of getting from point A to point B. They are, rather, mobile personal spaces. Our designs enable passengers to experience these spaces as being secure and pleasant places, ones that are conducive to sensible utilisation."

"Encompassed in our process are means of transportation, ancillary services (such as reservation) and offerings (information and orientation systems), and the entire architecture of branding. Our focus on the requirements of production techniques and aerodynamics supports cost-effective manufacturing and resources-conserving operation," Daniel commented.

Daniel Huber will be speaking at the Future of AirRail: PARTNERSHIPS conference, taking place on 15-17 May at HOLM, Frankfurt Airport. The event is organised by the Global AirRail Alliance and co-hosted by Fraport, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and the Home of Mobility and Logistics (HOLM).