Lufthansa brings all its road, rail and helicopter airport transport options under one brand

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GERMANY: All the road, rail and helicopter services that Lufthansa provides to get travellers to and from their airport of departure or arrival are to be operated under a single “Lufthansa Express” brand name.

Lufthansa offers a wide range of travel options to or from the airport working with various transport partners including high speed ICE trains, modern long distance buses, limousines and helicopter services.


By bringing these various services under a single brand name, Lufthansa can offer all these services from a single source that customers can book individually in addition to their Lufthansa flight. So the current AIRail service will now be known as Lufthansa Express Rail, Lufthansa Airport Bus becomes Lufthansa Express Bus and the present Airport Shuttle Service will now be promoted as Lufthansa Express Shuttle. The new brand will further be home to Rail & Fly in collaboration with Lufthansa Express, to Lufthansa Express Helicopter and to

Lufthansa Express Chauffeur. A further new service – Lufthansa Express Carsharing – should also be added soon.

“Our intermodal strategy is designed to provide our customers with a travel process that is as smooth and seamless as possible, from their region of origin right through to their final air destination or vice versa,” says Markus Pauly, Lufthansa’s Director of Infrastructure & Development at its Frankfurt hub. “In doing so, we can tangibly enhance their overall travel experience, by offering them all the mobility options they need within our service portfolio.”

In addition to the planned expansion of the current Lufthansa Express Bus services to and from Munich Airport, Lufthansa also plans to provide inbound travellers with a new Express

Shuttle service to and from alpine ski resorts. And with Lufthansa Express Helicopter, customers can make their onward journey even faster and more individually by air.

All Lufthansa Express services can be booked online at, via the Lufthansa app or with any travel agency.


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