Ramboll Environ carries out an Environmental Impact Assessment of a new railway to Billund

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Ramboll Environ has been contracted by the state agency Rail Net Denmark to carry out the EIA of a planned 18 km railway between Jelling and Billund (in Jutland, Denmark). Two alternative solutions have to be evaluated and compared under the three million DKK contract.

The EIA will include the full palette of environmental issues from impact on landscape, nature, cultural and recreational values, groundwater, soil, use of resources, human health and traffic, as well as impacts from noise, vibration, emissions and waste. Furthermore, the need for adaptation of the coming railway to future climatic changes will be evaluated.

The new railway will bring passengers to Billund Airport, as well as the Legoland amusement park. It is expected that 1.2 million passengers will use the railway annually, and the price for construction is estimated to 0.7 billion DKK.

“This project will strengthen Ramboll’s expertise in conducting EIAs of new railways and dealing with the specific environmental challenges faced by such projects,” Peter F. Sorensen, Head of Department for Environmental Planning at Ramboll Environ in Denmark said.

The new railway is the result of a national political agreement to upgrade the Danish railway system, which will include building new stretches of railway, upgrading to high-speed rails and introducing electrification for large parts of the Danish railway network.

The project runs through the rest of 2015 and beginning of 2016.