Why HS2 Must Connect With Heathrow Airport

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872VENTS: The UK stands at a critical crossroads in its global connectivity. This is a result of decades of reliance on substandard, outdated infrastructure and a political failure to achieve consensus on a deliverable long term transport strategy.

At the UK AirRail: Connecting for Growth conference (29th November 2012, London) Mark Bostock and Steve Costello will discuss why the UK has failed to learn lessons of integrated transport strategy from successful examples in Europe.

"Those lessons are clear, and indeed mandated by EC transport policy - the vital need to plan aviation and rail policies in tandem, not in isolation where, most recently, Government has decided to proceed with an HS2 scheme that bypasses Heathrow, before an aviation debate has even started. The UK also needs to accept the growing awareness of, and legal obligations for, environmental protection. It is simply no longer credible to promote additional runway capacity in the way that was possible a generation ago," explain the Mark and Steve.

Heathrow Hub will address these points, and put forward its vision for an integrated transport solution to the connectivity that is essential for UK economic growth, in a way that is deliverable, achievable at an early date and environmentally acceptable. "Heathrow Hub Ltd has been campaigning for an integrated transport strategy for over 9 years. We have now reached such a crucial time for the UK economy that it is vital that this debate is held and a consensus gained: the narrow, silo thinking of Government must be changed for the good of the country."