Additional Aeroexpress Services Introduced to Kazan – Airport Route

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Additional Aeroexpress Services Introduced to Kazan – Airport Route

RUSSIA: Since10 October, two additional trains are serving the intermodal route between Kazan International Airport and the city centre for the benefit of passengers departing from Tatarstan's capital early in the morning and those arriving at its airport late at night. Thus, the first train will run to the city at 05:00, while the first service to the airport will be at 06:00.

Two additional services will be introduced to the route so that passengers of morning and night flights will be able to travel to or from the airport safely, quickly, and in comfort. Moreover, the extra services will be good for suburban passengers residing close to the Yubileynaya station, where Aeroexpress trains make intermediate stops.

"Recent marketing research has shown sufficient demand for early morning Aeroexpress services," explained Dina Garaeva, Director of Aeroexpress' office in Kazan. “Our specialists have explored the possibility of introducing additional trains and decided to do so. We always consider the comfort of our passengers and will do everything possible to continue improving our services so that they are maximally convenient for all our customers."

During the first nine months of 2014, over 41,500 passengers travelled on Aeroexpress trains in Kazan.