FRA recommends building rail link to Philadelphia Airport

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USA: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has recommended a vision to build a better and stronger Northeast Corridor (NEC) over the next 30 years.

The recommended vision includes a new intercity access to Philadelphia Airport so that passengers do not have to change trains at 30th street.

It will now be up to states, cities and railroads to take next steps and decide whether to move forward with any specific projects.

“In order to keep moving forward, we need a new vision for the Northeast Corridor – a corridor that can move an ever-increasing population safer, faster and more reliably than before,” said FRA Administrator Sarah E. Feinberg. “We need a corridor that provides more options and more trains for commuters. One that allows for seamless travel between the nation’s capital and New York, and New York and Providence and Boston. A corridor that provides streamlined connections between a city’s airports and its city center. And a corridor that can efficiently and reliably serve a population that is growing quickly.”

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