Manchester Airport Tram starts operations

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Manchester Airport Tram starts operations

UK: The Chancellor has been riding the trams to Manchester Airport today - to mark the new line opening.

Chancellor George Osborne, said: "I am delighted to be able to mark the opening of the new Metrolink line to Manchester airport over 12 months ahead of schedule.  The network now covers over 92km and is a vital economic asset for Manchester.

Trams from the airport will run as far as Cornbrook initially, until Metrolink's transformational Second City Crossing opens in 2017 and unlocks extra track capacity through the city centre.


Journeys from the Airport to Cornbrook, where passengers can connect with frequent services to stops across the Metrolink network, will take around 45 minutes and will effectively double the number of trams running between St Werburgh's Road and Cornbrook.

"It is also great news that, thanks to the devolution deal I have agreed with Manchester today, there will be a further £350 million extension to Trafford which will provide significant additional benefits to the city,” Chandellor said. “The Metrolink will come under the powers of the new Mayor, supporting an Oyster-style travelcard system that will make traveling on the network and all of Greater Manchester's public transport simpler and easier.

"These are exactly the sort of transport improvements that will not only allow Manchester to prosper and thrive but also help turn our vision of a Northern Powerhouse economy into reality."