Ricardo to deliver maglev train cars to American Maglev Technology for new Orlando rail system

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USA: American Maglev Technology (AMT) and US-based engineering, strategic and environmental consultancy Ricardo, Inc. have signed an agreement to supply passenger cars for a planned maglev rail system between the Orlando International Airport, the Orlando Convention Centre and nearby hotels.

Florida Department of Transportation (F-DOT) has agreed to right of ways for connection between the airport and convention center, in addition to a stop near The Florida Mall.

Ricardo team will immediately begin work on the lightweight rail car development, with a target to deliver the first two cars to AMT, Inc. by summer of 2016.

Orlando, Florida, is a popular destination for global tourism and conventions. Currently, the most common mode of transportation for visitors between the airport, convention center, nearby hotels and restaurants is by rental car or taxi. The new maglev rail system will reduce traffic congestion and provide convenience and fast transportation for visitors to this area.

Headquartered in Marietta Georgia, AMT’s transit technology is based upon optimized magnetic levitation and linear induction propulsion that is entirely electric and much quieter than traditional rail systems. Their system design integrates the magnets and controls in a lightweight vehicle which allows a more simplified track than other systems currently in commercial operation, and delivers transit systems that serve the needs of the mega-regional transportation sector.

Maglev AMT

Ricardo will supply AMT with the rail cars, including design, engineering and integration of the magnetic levitation and propulsion system.

“Ricardo’s full spectrum of technical capability, including our project management and low-volume vehicle manufacturing will ensure smooth coordination and delivery for this exciting new rail system for Orlando,” says Clive Wotton, president of Ricardo, Inc.

“We are pleased to have Ricardo as our full service supplier for this project,” said Tony Morris, president and CEO of AMT. “Our subsidiary, Environmental Mitigation and Mobility Initiative (EMMI) will coordinate this project. With the F-DOT signatures now in place, EMMI is in the process of completing the remaining agreements necessary with the local government and municipalities.”