Scomi Engineering secures additional works on São Paulo Airport Monorail

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BRAZIL: Scomi Engineering Bhd has been awarded additional works for its Line 17 – Gold São Paulo monorail project, connecting Congonhas International Airport, worth RM504.6 million ($124.2 million).

In 2013, Scomi was awarded a contract to provide the design, systems integration and certain key components of the rolling stock. Scomi is now directly contracted to provide full rolling stock and additional systems, which include the provision of signalling system, operations control centre system, track switches, power rails, power supply & distribution system and fibre optics as well as cable trays.

“The São Paulo Metropolitan Company has approached Scomi to take on additional scopes and to fast track the project to completion. This is testimony of the client’s confidence in Scomi’s competencies and capabilities, and we are committed to take on this challenge. São Paulo Metro has been a good client of ours and throughout the challenging times, they have continued the project without any disruption,” said Ms Rohaida Ali Badaruddin, Chief Executive Officer of Scomi Engineering.

The Line 17 – Gold alignment spans 8.8 kilometres and will feature driverless train technology. When completed, the monorail trains will be able to transport 20,600 passengers per hour per direction and reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour.

The project is targeted for completion in the first quarter of 2018.

Apart from this contract, in March 2016 Scomi entered into a partnership with the São Paulo state government to set up a R$50million facility ($12.3 million), for the manufacture of monorail trains, including rolling stock and bogies. Upon completion, this facility will manufacture monorail trains for the Line 17 – Gold and also have the capacity to build metro and light rail trains.