Arlanda Express uses pedal power to generate green energy

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SWEDEN: Arlanda Express is focusing on green energy both on and off the railway tracks. The Arlanda Express departure lounge has been equipped with two specially designed bike-powered chargers from Belgium. Passengers and passers-by can use the bikes to pedal new life into their mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Arlanda Express Bike

“The concept of the bike-powered chargers emerged in a creativity competition in which personnel presented their ideas on how we could communicate our core values in a new light. It’s a fantastic idea; after all, after the bicycle, we are the next most environmentally friendly alternative for travelling to Arlanda. We plan to organise a schedule for the members of the management team to pedal the bikes so that we can periodically offer our passengers the chance to charge their phones,” says Per Thorstenson, CEO of Arlanda Express.

The Arlanda Link was built to reduce the environmental impact caused by car and bus travel between Stockholm and Arlanda.

The Arlanda Express trains that roll along the tracks meet the criteria for Good Environmental Choice certification by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. For example, all energy used by the trains comes from renewable energy sources, such as hydro power, wind power and biofuel.