Invitation for consultants to prepare a pre-feasibility study for Amman Queen Alia Light Rail Project

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JORDAN: The Ministry of Transport of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has expressed an interest in obtaining support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the preparation of a modernised and enhanced system of Light Rail Transit operations between El-Mahatta in Amman and the Queen Alia International Airport.

The Queen Alia International Airport Rail Link Project will be designed to address the lack of public transportation, especially from/to the airport.

The Project aims to utilise the existing rail corridor from Amman central station at El-Mahatta to Jeeza, a 35 km length single track narrow-gauge railway passing through Um El Heran and Elubbeh stations, connection to Queen Alia International Airport with a 2 km spur line.

The EBRD is inviting consultants to provide an initial assessment of the rationale and outline feasibility, so they could identify the potential involvement in the air-rail link project. The pre-feasibility study will include various technical considerations, route analysis and connectivity, investment requirements (rolling stock and infrastructure) and potential private sector involvement in the operation of the future LRT system.

The pre-feasibility work is estimated to cost EUR 74,500 and is expected to start in July 2015 and has an estimated overall duration of 3 months. Consultants have until 30 June to submit the proposals.

European Commission - Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) will finance the study.

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