Ring Rail Line will mark a major milestone in Helsinki’s Airport development programme

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FINLAND: Now running into its second year, the Helsinki Airport development programme has brought many visible changes to the airport. This year, the airport will welcome a new rail connection, renovation of one of its three runways and preparations for future stages of the programme.

The extensive development programme will increase the airport’s passenger capacity to 20 million by 2020.

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According to Haapasaari SVP of Finavia Corporation and Helsinki Airport Director, one of the biggest and most anticipated changes in 2015 is the new rail connection from the airport to central Helsinki.

“Opening in July, the rail connection will bring passengers to Helsinki’s Central Railway Station in 30 minutes. The new Ring Rail line will make it a convenient connecting point also for passengers arriving by train from St Petersburg in Russia,” Haapasaari said.

Costing around 750 million euros, work on the 18km Ring Rail Line began in 2009. The line is being built by the Finnish Transport Agency, along with the City of Vantaa and Finavia.

Various safety and rolling stock tests were commissioned throughout the beginning of the year, which will culminate with evacuation drills in May to mark the end of the testing.

The Ring Rail Line project will be presented at the Global AirRail 2015 Conference, taking place in Toronto on 20-22 May, by Kari Ruohonen, Director General Projects at Finnish Transport Agency.

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