RTD staff recommends Balfour Beatty proposal for Southeast Rail Line extension

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USA: The Regional Transportation District (RTD) staff recommended to the RTD Board of Directors to move forward with a proposal from Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. (BBII) to design and build the Southeast Rail Extension.

“This extension will make it possible for RTD to connect people in a rapidly growing part of the metro area to the rest of the region, including Denver International Airport,” said Dave Genova, RTD’s Interim General Manager.

RTD Denver Airport a line dia view

The Southeast Rail Extension will build an additional 2.3 miles of light rail line that will run along the west side of I-25 from the Lincoln Station and then cross over the Interstate and run along the east side of the highway to the south side of RidgeGate Parkway in Douglas County.

RTDmap se extension

The proposal commits to completing construction of the line by early 2019.

Once approved by the RTD Board, BBII would begin design on the project in the fall with construction expected to start in spring 2016. The projected opening of the extension is 2019.

The BBII team includes:

  • Parsons Brinckerhoff (design)
  • Capitol Management (DBE/SBE/WIN)
  • Transit Safety & Security Solutions (system safety)
  • Systems Consulting, LLC (quality assurance)
  • Communication Infrastructure Group (public information)

The current projected budget for the Southeast Rail Extension is $233.1 million. This total includes:

  • $34 million spent through 2014 on environmental analysis
  • preliminary engineering and design
  • acquisition of eight light rail vehicles for the project

The remaining $198.7 million project cost will be financed through a combination of federal, private and local funds.

Half of the project will be funded by the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Starts program, which supplies major capital grants to metropolitan areas; plus a sizeable local match of 14 percent from private businesses and local governments; and 36 percent from RTD through local funding sources.

The project has already been accepted into FTA’s New Start’s engineering phase and is included in President Obama’s FY 2016 budget.

The current Southeast Rail Line is 19 miles long and connects passengers at I-25/Broadway to Lincoln Avenue in Douglas County and also runs along I-225 from I-25 to the Nine Mile Station at Parker Road in Aurora.

Beginning in late 2016, passengers will be connected between Nine Mile and the Peoria Station near I-70 when the R Line through Aurora opens. They can then ride to and from the airport on the new A Line opening in spring 2016.

RTDmap a line